Home Depot

1) Enroll at www.homedepot.com/proloyalty.
2) Register any form of payment accepted at The Home Depot- including checking accounts, credit cards, debit cards and THD accounts. IMPORTANT – YOU MUST ADD THE AGREEMENT CODE: NREIA
3) Email [email protected] to make sure your account is set up properly and that you are escalated to Gold Status for your 20% Paint Discount.

*Enrolled members must spend a minimum of $5,000 each 6 months (Jan-Jun, Jul-Dec) to be eligible. Your rebate will be issued biannually, within 60 days following the biannual rebate periods 6/30 and 12/31. All rebates issued that total up to $1,000 will be paid by a Home Depot gift card.

Paint Program 
Receive your 20% off Paint discount on Interior and Exterior Paints and Primers including all of the Home Depot quality paints – Behr, Kilz and Zinsser (1 gallon minimum purchase required) All you have to do is key in your primary phone number associated with your HD Pro account into the keypad at checkout.

Appliance Program 
2018 Appliance Catalog
2018 Appliance Order Form
1) Fill out your ‘Customer Information’ and ‘Delivery Information’ in the top two sections of the order form.
2) On the order form to select the appliance type, click into the first cell under the ‘1. Select Type’ column and then click the Dropdown Arrow to the right of the cell to select from a list of available appliance types.
3) On the order form to select the item, click into the first cell under the ‘2. Select Item Description’ column and then click the Dropdown Arrow to the right of the cell to select from a list of available items.
4) Once you have finished filling out the order form, ‘Save’ the complete order form to your computer.
5) Email the complete Home Depot Appliance Program Order Form as an attachment to [email protected] Attn: NREIA with the subject line ‘NREIA Appliance Order
6) Once your appliance order has been emailed to the email address above it will be processed within 24-48 hours and someone from Home Depot Corporate will be in touch via the ‘Buyer’s Phone Number’ provided on the Order Form.

Cabinet Program 
1) Go to www.nationalreia.org/HDCabinets
2) Download the Hampton Bay Catalog and browse the cabinets and finishes available to select your cabinet style.
3) Download the DesignConnect Form and complete all information. NOTE: Your Member Number is your HD Pro registered phone number. E-mail or fax the completed form to the Design Team at the e-mail address/fax number listed on the form along with any supporting documents such as dimensions, drawings, etc. You may also contact them via the phone number listed with any questions.
4) Complete the form for the coupon at the bottom of the page and click send. The coupon WILL be required to receive the 10% discount and is a one-time use coupon.